Friday, January 20, 2012

OVO - A Terrific First Look at the Santa Monica Pier

The Foreigner Fly buzzes in to a most unusual insect community

Adorable cute-as-a-bug Ladybug is destined to fall in love with the Foreigner Fly, and silly eccentric Master Flipo plays it all for laughs.

A tour-de-force performance by a daredevil Spider atop the slackwire

The Ants and their fancy footwork and precision juggling....WITH kiwis!

A sensual Spider contortionist reels in the crickets.

20 artists in a stunning vision of theatrics on the
Trampo-wall drew gasps

The Firefly sends four spinning spools flying high in a dazzling diabolo display

Acrosport athleticism, sheer agility and grace by the sweetest Fleas you've ever seen

More to come! OVO, now playing at the Santa Monica Pier under the blue and yellow Grand Chapiteau.

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