Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Priscilla's Perfect Day...and Pancakes Too!

Priscilla's Perfect Day
Courtney DeCosky and Matt Valle

Priscilla’s Perfect Day
is an adorable family musical by husband and wife team Richard Levinson and Diana Martin, currently playing at the Lonnie Chapman Group Repertory Theatre in North Hollywood. And it is absolutely delightful.

Eleven-year-old Priscilla Penelope Periwinkle (Courtney DeCosky) can’t wait for her family to start their summer vacation at her great aunt’s cottage in Maine. The plan is perfect. Her father (Stephen Simon) will be spending some quality time with her annoying little brother Billy (Matt Valle), keeping both he and their dog Roscoe (Victor Isaac) from getting in her way, and her mother (Natascha Aldridge) is going to relax and spend her time reading.

That leaves budding young artist Priscilla with plenty of time to cozy up in her newly decorated bedroom in the attic and wander the shore painting to her heart’s content. Unfortunately, she wakes to rain the first full day of the trip and her crayons have mysteriously disappeared…. Roscoe!? Luckily Priscilla discovers some of her great aunt Phoebe’s crayons (yes, talent runs in the family) and, making the best of the situation, decides to instead paint her perfect day, complete with sunshine and trees and everything that makes her happy.

Suddenly a very hungry Billy and Roscoe crash into her room and ask her to make them blueberry pancakes since mom and dad are still asleep. After all, their neighbor Mr. Berrymore (Brian Wallis) did bring them a bucket of blueberries when they arrived at the cottage and it is their first big day. Before they can get to it, however, the three are magically whisked away into the picture that Priscilla has drawn and find themselves on a search for how to get back.

Dancing clams, the Loch “Mess” Lobster, and a very blueberry Elvis Presley all make appearances in this dreamlike cartoon world and ultimately it’s teamwork that gets them back home; that and Priscilla’s ability to draw everything right again.

One always wonders if a theatrical performance will hold the attention of the children in the audience and this show was clearly a hit. They were so quiet you could hear a pin drop as DeCosky sang her ballad, “I Can Draw The Perfect Day” and they laughed and cheered with gusto during the chase scene and other fun sequences.

Most of the talented cast members come from the Sacred Fools company of actors, and director Jeremy Aldridge, along with choreographer Michele Bernath, has put together a show that both children and adults will find engaging and fun. Add Levinson’s catchy tunes and you’ll leave singing “Pancakes For Roscoe” too, as you make your way to the green room for a real pancake breakfast and crafts for the kids after the show.

Catch this one quick - Priscilla’s Perfect Day runs Saturdays at 11:00 am through July 17. For tickets and more information call 818-700-4878 or go to http://thegrouprep.com/index.php/262.

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