Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HMS Headwind featured in Secret Rose's 10 Minute Play Festival

HMS Headwind

Composer Michael Gordon Shapiro has a new miniature musical premiering this week in the Secret Rose Theater’s Eighth Annual Ten Minute Play Festival .

HMS Headwind, part comedy, part tribute to Gilbert and Sullivan, and part attempt to redefine what constitutes "ten minutes," is a musical about a goodhearted but none-too-competent group of naval sailors whose reputation is somewhat tarnished by never having successfully captured or sunk any enemy vessel. Complicating matters is the infamous Black Abigail, Pirate Queen of the North Sea, who has no shocking, secret family connection to anyone aboard the Headwind whatsoever.

The festival runs December 16 – 18 at 8pm, with a special “best of” performance on Sunday December 19 at 7pm. Tickets to see the six mini plays, including HMS Headwind, are $15 and available at http://secretrose.com/.

You can also check out Michael's website to hear more of his music at http://mikemusic.com/.

The Secret Rose Theater is located at 11246 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Stephanie Hutchinson

One of the Secret Rose’s previous winners of the annual festival is Stephanie Hutchinson, whose mini musical More Precious Than Diamonds appears in the anthology, The Best 10-Minute Plays for 2 or More Actors (2009), a compilation of 51 short plays.

In More Precious Than Diamonds, a single woman turning 40 can't wait any longer for a Tiffany diamond and visits Tiffany's Beverly Hills with her married friend, where they meet a handsome but nerdy salesman who encourages her to try on a very expensive ring, which gets stuck. A CD and synopsis of the romantic comedy are also available.

For more information go to www.stephaniehutchinson.com.

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