Monday, June 14, 2010

Jeb and Jeremiah Go To The Fringe

Jeb and Jeremiah

The very first Hollywood Fringe Festival opens this week and will feature a schedule of shows that is affordable, edgy, and includes something for everyone. One of the musicals highlighted is Jeb and Jeremiah: Alive in 2010, opening Thursday, June 17th.

Who are Jeb and Jeremiah? They were quite famous in the 1920s, but when sound came to motion pictures, everything changed for them. While they write their first talkie, a musical about love, they find themselves unexpectedly blasted into present day. As they search for a way home they encounter a variety of characters, including the audience at the Apollo Theatre, a perverted old movie producer, a beautiful woman with one downfall (her love of sex) and even Jesus and God herself. Will they make it back to 1927? There’s only one way to find out!

Written by David Janove (book, lyrics and director) and Collin Martin (music and musical direction), the production will feature Clay Keller and William Russell Ford III in the title roles. The ensemble includes Annie Chernecky, Britt Keller, Kate Alden, Craig Shields and Kimmy Shields.

According to Janove, “The idea for the show stemmed from my love of both old and new comedy. The old-time humor of vaudevillian comedians and silent film stars is still fairly unparalleled today, yet rehashing the old jokes just for their own sake seemed bland. That’s when I decided to put a modern twist on it.

Time travel seemed the obvious choice and from there Collin and I took the 1920s comedians and their humor and thrust them into the modern-day world of sex, drugs and Barack Obama. We’re not kidding when we say they’re alive in 2010.

Collin and I both attended Chapman University where I majored in Screenwriting and he majored in Music Composition. We collaborated last year on a similar musical called Jeb & Jeremiah: Alive in 2009, which we performed in a classroom with no costumes and sets made out of PVS pipe. Over the past year, we’ve developed it into a complete 90-minute one act. You even get to see one of the musicals that Jeb and Jeremiah made back in the 1920s.

Every member of the cast is either a Chapman student or alum, with one exception. Kimmy Shields is 16, and the youngest member of the cast. We love theatre, and our goal is to make people laugh and put on an all around good show."

The performance schedule for Jeb and Jeremiah is:

Theatre of Arts
Thursday June 17 at 8pm and 10pm

Hudson Guild
Friday June 18 at 8pm and 10pm

Hudson Mainstage
Sunday June 20 at 8pm and 10pm

Tickets are available now at For more information go to or

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