Wednesday, July 6, 2016

First Look: Chance Theater's A CHORUS LINE

Chance Theater’s production of A Chorus Line runs through July 31 on the Cripe Stage @ Bette Aitken theater arts Center. It is directed by Chance’s artistic director Oanh Nguyen, choreographed by Hazel Clarke, and features music direction by Ryan O’Connell. Tickets are available at All photos by Doug Catiller, True Image Studio.

Kristen Daniels, John Wells III, Tina Nguyen, Ben Heustess, Tatiana Alvarez,
Camryn Zelinger, Ben Heustess, Ashley Arlene Nelson and Dannielle Green

Tina Nguyen, Robbie Lundegard and Tatiana Alvarez

Joseph Ott, Emily Abeles, Christopher Mosley, Victoria Rafael and Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter, Victoria Rafael, Xavier Castaneda, and Angeline Mirenda

Emily Abeles, Victora Rafael, Brandon Carter, Xavier Castaneda and Angeline Mirenda

Ben Green and Tatiana Alvarez

Ben Heustess, Camryn Zelinger, Ashley Arlene Nelson and Dannielle Green

Emily Abeles, Victoria Rafael, Brandon Carter and Xavier Castaneda

Tatiana Alvarez, Camryn Zelinger, Ben Heustess, and Ashley Arlene Nelson

Victoria Rafael, Dannielle Green, Robbie Lundegard, Calvin Brady, Xavier Castaneda,
Tina Nguyen, Tatiana Alvarez, John Wells III, Christopher Mosley and Emily Abeles

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