Monday, June 15, 2009

ANMT's annual 15 Minute Musicals are back

ANMT Promise & the Price

Writers at the Academy for New Musical Theatre will present their annual 15-minute musicals at the Colony Theatre June 22 through 25, based on the theme The Promise and the Price: seven 15-minute musicals about heroes and traitors.

According to ANMT’s Associate Artistic Director, Elise Dewsberry, “Writers have chosen wildly different approaches to this theme: Superman on trial, a jilted 50-year-old bride, an emotional high school reunion, the conflicted young wife of an Iraqi veteran, a to-the-death feud between superhero families, a sit-in against Bank of America, and zombies in love!”

Presented by two teams (red and blue), the Red Team musicals on June 22 and 24 are Hired Hands (book by Larry Gene Fortin, music and lyrics by Peter Alexander), Zombie Love (book by Narda Fargotstein, music and lyrics by Clifford J. Tasner), The Ring (book and lyrics by Eric Dodson, music by Alan Ross Fleishman), and The Battle Between Good and Evil (book by Michael Greenspun, music by Jerry T. Fernandez, lyrics by Mitchell Glaser).

Actors featured in these shows are Carolyn Freeman Champ, Megan Crockett, Tara Hunnewell, Sylvin Janson, and Kevin Noonchester.

The Blue Team musicals on June 23 and 25 are Standing Up (book by Paul Elliott, music by Joseph Blodgett, lyrics by Larry Todd Johnson), The Veteran's Wife (book by Adrian Bewley, music and lyrics by Scotty Arnold), and The People v. Superman (book by Frank Mula, music by Edward Auslender, lyrics by Glenn Johnson and Frank Mula).

Actors featured in these shows will be Kellan Christopher, Kelly Lester, Paul Marchegiani, Dana Shaw, and Heather Stewart.

Musical director for the 15 Minute Musicals is Jake Anthony, with Ed Martel at the piano. Tickets are $25 per evening, or only $40 for any combination of Red plus Blue and are available at

Secret Rose Mini Musical Fest

Secret Rose Theatre in North Hollywood is also presenting its annual Mini Musical Fest opening June 19 and running through July 5.

Musicals featured include: Change of Plans by Michael Gordon Shapiro; More Precious Than Diamonds by Stephanie Hutchinson; Myjovi El Musical by Jan Michael Alejandro; The Queen & The Dragon, libretto by Jan Michael Alejandro & Jonathan Price, music by Jonathan Price; The Red Bouquet by Joshua Fardon; Something Not Real by Joshua Fardon; Sweeney Tidd, book & lyrics by Gordon Glor and Barb E. Rickard, music by Gordon Glor.

Actors featured in the musicals are Marco Antionio Aguilar, Diana Briscoe, Kristin Chiles, Ian Federgreen, Carrie Frymer, Fay Gauthier, Gint Gedgaudas, Julia Gregory, Greg Haskins, Derek Houck, Linda Jackson, Cristina Jones, Rebecca Larsen, Christina Linton, Trevor Lissauer, Gabriel Manro, Carla Marie, Jordan T. Maxwell, Patrizia Medrano, Ross Merrick, Deborah Png, Aisha Renee, Kelly J. Roberts, Christopher Showerman, Nani Sinah, Lisa Vachon, Miguel Vargas, Dan Wiley, Dan Wingard.

For a description of the shows and to purchase tickets, go to


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