Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cast of 200 Featured in The Old Globe's ODYSSEY

The Old Globe is celebrating its 75th Anniversary with Odyssey, which is the culmination of a two-year project with the community, and is a part of the Globe’s Southeastern San Diego Residency Project developed by director Lear deBessonet and writer Todd Almond.

The new work reimagines Homer’s epic poem as seen through the lens of contemporary San Diego. Conceived and directed by deBessonet with music, lyrics and book by Almond, Odyssey will be performed through a unique collaboration between professional artists and members of the community on Friday, Sept. 30 and Saturday, Oct. 1 at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, Oct. 2 at 7:00 p.m.

Odyssey chronicles the trials and adventures that the ancient Greek hero Odysseus faces on his long journey home from the war at Troy. Along the way, he encounters a one-eyed giant, confronts the horrifying monsters Scylla and Charybdis, visits the Underworld and resists the intoxicating Circe. Odysseus finally returns home disguised as a beggar and must win back his wife, Penelope, and take revenge on the suitors who have been circling her in his absence.

Professional actors Alvin Crawford and Shelley Thomas will star as Odysseus and Penelope/Circe, respectively, along with Todd Almond as The Singer.

Community Partners on the project include:

St. Stephen’s Church Choir as the voice of heaven
Culture Shock Dance San Diego playing the Phaecians
The San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory will score a dream ballet of Odysseus' homecoming
Valhalla High School Percussion Ensemble will play the Palace Guard
Children from San Diego Junior Theatre will play the Voices of the Underworld.

The creative team includes Tony and Maria Caligagan (Choreographers), Justin Townsend (Scenic and Lighting Design), Paul Carey (Costume Design), Paul Peterson (Sound Design) and Evangeline Whitlock (Stage Manager).

Over 200 will participate in Odyssey
Photo: Jeffrey Weiser

The nonprofessional cast, comprised of members of the San Diego community, includes Darlene Davies (Eurynome), Kim Duclo (Penelope’s First Suitor), Michael Garcia (Prince), Dylan Hoffinger (Odysseus’ Captain), Martin Martiarena (Dude with Guitar), Lorenzo Martinez (Elpenor), Alex Monge (Telemachus), Davina Van Dusen (Nausicaa), Victoria Matthews, Jordan Scowcroft and Katie Ward (The Calliopes) and dancers from Salsa Inferno (Circe’s Ladies) with Jessica Brandon, Dalaysia Cannon, Ashley Dixon, Richard Dobbs, Deja Fields, Renee Gandola, Zyanya Hernandez-Grant, Carson McCalley, Karen Olinga, Al Simmons, Beverly Taylor-Wintence, Lamine Thiam, Hannah Trujillo and Ayerton Zoutendijk (Ithacans/Ensemble); Kenn Burnett, Leland Campbell, Eduard Cao, Andre A. Carter, Sergio Castro, Will Herrera, Dylan Hoffinger, Lorenzo Martinez, Leo Roman, Elliott Sephus and dancers from Salsa Inferno (Odysseus’ Men); Karen Bahena, Lina Bien, Katleen Dugas, Melanie Haag, Paola Kubelis and Stephanie Plascencia (Penelope’s Women); and Donna Blochwitz, Jane Klofkorn, Yvonne Lindroth Silva and Amara Marsden (Sirens).

Click Here to purchase tickets online or call (619) 23-GLOBE.

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