Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Vault: Unlocked - Based on True Los Angeles Stories

The world premiere of The Vault: Unlocked created by The Vault ensemble opens September 15 at Los Angeles Theatre Center and will run through October 8. It is directed by Aaron Garcia and Fidel Gomez and produced by The Latino Theater Company.

When a prominent real estate developer ends up dead, a tapestry of stories is discovered immersed deep in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. From the mouths, eyes and ears of business owners, loft dwellers, baristas, food vendors and street people, an intricate world unfolds, prompting the question: Who killed Ron Dillinger?

Based on the true stories of downtown residents.

According to musical director Jasmine Orpilla, “The Vault is a rebellious, genre-bending theatre and musical performance art ensemble. Continually inspired by local L.A. and global real-life happenings, this multi-cultural and interdisciplinary ensemble creates an unpredictably fast-paced experience where no issue is taboo…except for our mothers.”

Part theatre, part performance art, part cabaret, The Vault’s multi-ethnic composition reflects the diversity of its immediate surroundings and conveys a youthful sensibility that establishes it as Downtown’s Own.

The cast of The Vault: Unlocked includes Brenda Banda, Stephen Buchanan, Aaron Garcia, Sam Golzari, Fidel Gomez, Esperanza America Ibarra, Theodore Lange IV, Jasmine Orpilla and Vicki Syal.

The 9:00 pm show runs 1 hour 10 minutes and is suggested for audiences age 16 and older based on some adult language and theatrical violence.

LATC is located at 514 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013. Click Here for tickets.

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