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What's Happening Around Town for March 5, 2013

Little House on the Prairie-oke!
Little House on the Prairie-oke!, a musical mashup of the beloved television series with karaoke hits of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond opens April 5th at Cavern Club Celebrity Theater. Conceived, written, and directed by Dane Whitlock with choreography by Joseph Corella, Little House on the Prairie-oke! combines iconic episodes of the beloved television series with cross generational karaoke standards that will surely appeal to all – Party in the U.S.A., Call Me Maybe, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Love Shack, Sweet Caroline, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Hit Me With Your Best Shot - and more. Laura Ingalls, Ma, Pa, Almanzo, Nellie Oleson have never looked or sounded so good. The cast features comedy and internet sensation Drew Droege as Nellie Oleson with international Broadway musical star Tom Lowe as Almanzo Wilder, along with Sydney Blair, Mark Rowe, Jennifer Blake, Frances Chewning, Brad Griffith, Rae Dawn Hadinger, Matthew Herrmann, Amy Procacci and Libby Baker as Laura Ingalls. Produced by Joseph Chianese and Vickie Mendoza, Little House opens April 5 for a limited engagement at the Cavern Club Celebrity Theatre at Casita del Campo, 1920 Hyperion Avenue, Silverlake CA 90027. Performances are Friday and Saturday night at 9:00 pm. For tickets go to www.brownpapertickets.com or visit www.cavernclubtheater.com.

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Show Search Finals!
Want to watch the Finals of the Festival of New American Musicals’ Show Search coming up March 23rd? Tickets are free and you can also join in the fun at the reception following the competition. (Tickets are $10 paid at door). Show Search is a national search for the best 10-minute musical, written by 13 - 25 year olds, hosted by FNAM Spokesman, Darren Criss. They will perform one night only at the beautiful Cortines Arts High School in Downtown Los Angeles. The musicals will be judged on storytelling, musicality, performance, and originality. Director Richard Israel has staged each of the musicals with an equity ensemble, and the Judges will award one “Best Musical” Scholarship to the 16-18 year olds and one to the 19 - 25 year olds. CLICK HERE for more details.  Here are the six finalists:

TODAY'S THE DAY: (Garrison Hall and Alexa Russo)
Best friends, Sam, Molly, and her twin brother, Mike, are quickly approaching high school graduation when they realize there are some things they each need to confess to each other before their lives change forever. This story, filled with friendship and newfound vulnerability, explores the possibilities of deciding that “Today's The Day.” 

A farce on the modern social movement, Occupy! tells the story of a lone man who goes on a whirlwind adventure through New York City to find his place in the world. On the way, he meets a kooky cast of characters and learns all about the Occupy Wall Street movement...and himself! 

NORA, I ADORE YA: (Bob Kelly and Kelly Pomeroy)
David, a shy high school freshman struggles to work up the courage to ask Nora to dance at the upcoming winter formal. Nora, elated because the most popular boy in school has bumped into her, is completely oblivious of David's intentions. 

JOHNNY THE PAPERBOY: (Dayna Smith, Amanda Baschnagel, Alex Smith)
Johnny is a musical set in the near future where all communication is through computers and technology. When the Internet is stolen, a group of kids must connect in a way they never have before to get it back - through paper! 

PRE-SCHOOL: (Oliver Houser and James Zebooker)
The sweet and nurturing preschool teacher Ms. White is challenged when the compassionless Teacher Turner is brought in to teach alongside her. 

INEXPERIENCED LOVE: (Jacob Tischler, Benjamin Viertel)
Take this fast-paced plunge into the mystery of new love with Jameson and Ruthie. He has always considered himself unworthy romantic material, but she has obsessed over Jameson for fourteen wishful years. Now they must battle their deep-seeded insecurities as fate flings them together.

Good luck all!

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Don’t Tell Mama LA Needs Pianists
The brand new venue, Don’t Tell Mama Los Angeles, is looking for pianists who have the following skills:
- must be a great sight reader of every style of popular music (broadway, pop, rock, jazz, etc.)
- must have accompanying skills for vocal talent
- must be able to sing and entertain a room
- must have an extensive repertoire of a variety of music
- must be able to field requests (from Gershwin to The Beatles to Katy Perry). 

Tips can be substantial and there is a lot of flexibility. Contact Ryan O'Connor at 917-225-4446 or roco24@gmail.com.

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LAWTF’s A Perfect 20!
The Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival will present a star-studded Emerald Anniversary, A Perfect 20! marking 20 years producing close to 500 extraordinary multicultural and multi-disciplined solo performers from around the globe. The Festival will be held March 21 – 24 at the Renberg Theatre located at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, 1125 McCadden Place, Hollywood, CA 90038, and on March 27 at Ivy Substation at 9070 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232. For a complete look at the fabulous entertainment for the event, as well as a list of performances that are part of the Festival, go to www.lawtf.org.

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The 2013 L.A. Stage Talks Series

Exploring the cultural landscape of Los Angeles. Events will include members of the creative community, engaging in a moderated dialogue with each other and the attendees of the event (both in person and online)! Talks begin at 7:00pm and are also planned to be livestreamed on LASTAGETimes.com. Topics include:

March 19: Professionalism in the American Theatre: What does it mean in Los Angeles and Beyond?

April 22: Artistic Philanthropy in Los Angeles: What motivates our Philanthropists to support the Theatre?

June 24: Religion and the Arts: How can they Connect to One Another – and What Stops Them?

July 1:  What am I Hearing? The Aural Life of the Theatre.

August 6:  Choreographic Transformation: How is Dance Created and Integrated Across Styles and Mediums?

CLICK HERE for details about all of the talks.

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