Friday, September 10, 2010

Campaign, MET Theatre's New Musical Wants Your Vote


The MET Theatre and CRC Entertainment are about to premiere a new musical just in time for election season – Campaign - written by Samuel Warren Joseph and Jon Detherage. Previews begin September 29 with opening night set for October 1. Performances will continue through November 7 at the MET Theatre, 1089 N. Oxford Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90029.

TJ Castronovo directs a cast that will feature Josie Adams, Jean Altadel, Brian Byers, Stephanie Carrie, Travis Dixon, Barbara Keegan, Jase Lindgren, Cindy Marinangel, Max Middleton and Julianna Zumille.

Glenn Mann is running for governor. He’s a moderate candidate with sensible ideas for making his state run better. He’s also a pompous, philandering creep who can’t keep his zipper shut while extolling family values. Fortunately for Mann, his opponent, Malcolm Puffington, is politically to the right of Attila the Hun, and so vile that he makes Mann look like a cross between Gandhi and Mother Theresa.

Puffington is a rich guy who has thrown millions and millions of his cash into the campaign in a bid to get elected (Sound familiar?). Mann is running fifteen points behind Puffington in the polls.

To the rescue is Mann’s campaign manager Steve Meyer and press secretary Brenda Malloy. Each is an independent spirit and they fight like cats and dogs. Is there any chance these two attractive people will get together? Don’t be too hasty to bet money on it; she’s having an affair with the married Glenn Mann.

Things are just starting to look up for candidate Mann when he gets caught up in yet another sex scandal. Can he possibly clear himself? Will his hard-working staff be able to help him defeat the evil Puffington and keep the state from being hurled back into the Dark Ages? Can the good of the people and true love possibly prevail?

Campaign promises laughs, romance, music, politics and a great time.

Tickets are available online at or by calling (323) 960-7612.

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